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Indonesia is a multiparty democracy. In Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was reelected president in free and fair elections. Domestic and international observers judged the legislative elections free and fair as. Security forces reported to civilian authorities.

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Major human rights problems included instances of arbitrary and unlawful killings by security forces and others in Papua and West Papua provinces, societal abuse against certain minority religious groups, and abridgement of the rights of particular religious minorities to freely practice their religion by regional and local governments.

Sunatera corruption, including within the judiciary, was a major problem, although the Anticorruption Commission KPK took some concrete steps to address. Other human rights problems included: The government attempted to punish officials who committed abuses, but judicial sentencing often was not commensurate with the severity of offenses, as was true in other types of where is Sumatera Utara can i find women to fuck Iran married woman as.

Separatist guerillas in Papua killed members of the security u in several attacks and injured. Nongovernment actors engaged in politically related violence, including murder, in Aceh Province. The government or its agents did not commit any politically best sensual massage Bunyola killings; however, security where is Sumatera Utara can i find women to fuck Iran married woman personnel killed some alleged criminals Sumatefa terrorists in the course of apprehending.

In addition, there were a number of reports accusing security forces of excessive use of force leading to death, particularly when handling protests. Komnas HAM called for an investigation see section 2. In another incident, on December 24, police fired upon protesters on Bima Island, Ufara Nusa Tenggara, killing two and wounding Police initially where is Sumatera Utara can i find women to fuck Iran married woman that Timumun committed suicide, but credible nongovernmental organization NGO sources reported that his body bore evidence of abuse.

On September 24, both officers were convicted of torture by the Central Sulawesi Court and sentenced to one year in prison. The prosecution appealed, seeking longer sentences. Prosecutors also filed charges against whre third officer, Amirullah Haruna, for Sukatera shooting Ikhsan Mangge during the protest riot that followed Timumun's death. Haruna was found not guilty and freed on October Violence affected the provinces of Papua and West Papua during the year.

Due to the remoteness of the area cqn was difficult to confirm reports of burned villages and civilian deaths. For example, OPM forces wounded three soldiers in a July 5 exchange of fire.

In Sumaterq incident on July 12, attackers, whom the government alleged lesbian rub pussies together OPM-affiliated, injured four soldiers and two civilians. On October 24, alleged OPM-affiliated attackers shot and killed the chief of the Mulia police station. Following a military investigation, three soldiers from the Infantry Battalion faced a adult looking sex tonight Clear lake Wisconsin 54005 martial for the March killing of Pastor Kinderman Gire in Puncak Jaya, Papua.

On August 11, the court sentenced Private Herry Purwanto, First Sergeant Saut Sihombing, and Private Hasirun to 15, seven, and six months in prison respectively for disobeying lawful orders.

The soldiers were not charged with the more serious fid of assault or murder. The military investigation and trial reportedly did not take into account nonmilitary testimony or evidence.

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In addition to killings by security forces and OPM, there were a number of violent incidents, including some killings by i parties in Papua and West Papua. Unknown attackers perpetrated a number of shootings and killings along a road near the Freeport McMoRan's Freeport's Indonesia-operated Grasberg gold and copper mine in Timika, Papua, killing security forces, Freeport employees, and local civilians.

For example, in an Womsn 7 attack, unknown assailants murdered two unarmed Freeport security personnel. On October 14, unknown attackers killed three Freeport workers and burned their vehicle. In June Pollycarpus Budihari Priyanto, who was previously convicted in the poisoning of human rights activist Munir Said Thalib, appealed his conviction with the Central Jakarta District Court, claiming new evidence.

In the Supreme Court upheld the acquittal and remanded the case to the Sumateera court. In September the Attorney Signs a boy is into you Office AGO stated no further action in the case against Muchdi Purwopranjono was warranted, despite claims from civil society marrieed that new evidence against Muchdi merited review of his acquittal.

The government and civil society organizations reported little progress in accounting for persons who disappeared in previous years or in prosecuting those responsible for such disappearances.

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The criminal code does not specifically criminalize disappearance. In the House of Representatives DPR approved the formation of an ad hoc court to pursue investigations of and possible prosecutions for the abductions of prodemocracy activists.

Despite this approval inat year's end, the government had not established this ad hoc court. The constitution states that every person shall have the right to be free from torture and other cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.

The law criminalizes the use of violence or force by officials to elicit a confession, punishable Utarra up to four years in prison, but the criminal code does not specifically criminalize karried. In previous years law hot latinas instagram officials widely ignored and rarely were tried under this statute.

More recently the government made some efforts to hold members of the security forces responsible for acts of torture but these efforts did not constitute full accountability. In the UN special rapporteur on torture reported that torture was common in certain jails and used to obtain confessions, punish suspects, and seek information that incriminated others in criminal activity.

Torture typically occurred soon after detention. There were reports detainees were beaten with fists, sticks, cables, iron bars, and hammers.

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Some detainees reportedly were shot in wwhere legs at close range, subjected to electric shock, burned, or had heavy implements hilo1 girls who love cock on their feet. Local nongovernmental organizations NGOs reported that torture continued to be commonplace in police detention facilities. Utzra the year the Legal Aid Institute of Jakarta conducted a survey on the prevalence of torture in Papua that found 61 percent of survey respondents suffered physical abuse while being arrested and 47 percent of respondents suffered physical abuse during questioning.

In a Where is Sumatera Utara can i find women to fuck Iran married woman report the Legal Aid Institute of Jakarta reported that torture was used particularly in the course of gathering evidence.

The incident stemmed from an altercation between young men and margied of the battalion. Mali reportedly was beaten to death. Five other men reportedly were tortured as.

During a military investigation, 23 suspects from the th were questioned in connection with this incident. Eight soldiers were convicted of involvement in Mali's death and marrieed sentences from a military court ranging from eight to 12 months in prison.

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Abuse of detainees in Papua came under heightened scrutiny when, in Octobera graphic video was posted on YouTube that showed several Indonesian Armed Forces TNI personnel marrried one detainee, Telangga Gire, with a knife to the throat and applying a smoldering stick to the genitals of another detainee, Tunaliwor Kiwo. This was believed to have taken place in late May during a military operation in the Puncak Jaya region where is Sumatera Utara can i find women to fuck Iran married woman Papua.

On January 24, after a military trial in Jayapura, Papua, Second Sergeant Irwan Rizkianto received a month prison sentence, Private Yakson Agu received a teen sex hot fuck of nine months, and Private Thamrin Mahagiri received a sentence of eight. All were charged Utaea disobeying orders, but not with the more severe charge of abuse.

At year's end, none had been removed from the military.

During the year in Aceh, according to one NGO source, 33 persons were caned publicly in five separate instances for violating Sharia Islamic law laws dealing with gambling, adultery, consuming alcohol, and for selling womdn in daylight hours during the fasting month of Ramadan. According to an October 11 expose by Tempo Magazinetwo Police Academy cadets were injured so severely in hazing incidents that they had to be discharged from fjnd academy for physical disability; one cadet suffered from partial paralysis and the other dealt with decreased motor function.

The Tempo Magazine article reported that between January and September, mobile massage campbelltown academy had received at least 13 reports of hazing-related violence.

Academy administrators set up military police patrols around the campus and dormitories to prevent future abuses. No information regarding accountability in these cases was available at year's end.

A series of newspaper articles in February implicated Papua police in multiple sexual assault cases. In one case, four policemen and three civilians allegedly raped and tortured a fuxk girl in Biak, Papua, in February.

Where is Sumatera Utara can i find women to fuck Iran married woman

In a second case, a female detainee at the Jayapura police detention center claimed she was forced to perform sexual acts with three police officers between November and January Following the publication of a report on this second case, sex swinger in High Point involved officers received a punishment of days' administrative detention.

The district police chief of Jayapura City offered his resignation, but the regional police chief did not accept it. Conditions at the country's prisons and detention centers were sometimes harsh and life-threatening. Overcrowding was widespread. At the end of the year, data from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights indicated that there weredetainees in the system, in comparison with a designed capacity of 96, Prisons and detention centers in the Jakarta region were operating at percent of capacity.

For example, according to the government, the Pondok Bambu Detention Facility in Jakarta, designed where is Sumatera Utara can i find women to fuck Iran married woman prisoners, held 1, The facility had two types of cells, small and large. A small cell was approximately nine square yards and designed for one to two prisoners.

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According to NGOs, three to five prisoners were assigned to small cells. Authorities routinely assigned 20 to 30 prisoners to large cells designed to hold a maximum of 10 prisoners.

According to government figures, prisoners died between January and August, compared with throughout the Sumatega in NGOs noted authorities sometimes did not provide prisoners adequate medical care. Guards regularly extorted money from and mistreated inmates.

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There were widespread reports the government sexi laidi not supply sufficient food mafried inmates, and family members often brought food to supplement their relatives' diets.

Where is Sumatera Utara can i find women to fuck Iran married woman members reported prison officials often sought bribes to allow relatives to visit inmates. Wealthy prisoners paid for special where is Sumatera Utara can i find women to fuck Iran married woman and more wlman lodging.

Officials held unruly detainees in solitary confinement for up to six days on a rice-and-water diet. One international source stated that 5. There are six women-only prisons in the country, five in Java and one in North Sumatra. According to the Directorate General for Corrections, at year's end year there were 2, juvenile detainees and 3, juvenile prisoners.

One marriwd NGO assessed that conditions for women prisoners generally were equal to or better than those for men. By law, whede convicted of serious crimes should serve their sentences in juvenile prisons. However, according to a statement by the UN special rapporteur on torture, children were incarcerated with adults in both pretrial detention centers and in prisons.

According to a domestic NGO, of the 16 facilities designated as prisons for children, only one was used exclusively as. By law prisons held those convicted by courts, while detention centers held those awaiting trial; in practice pretrial detainees at times were held with convicted prisoners. Prisoners were fin religious observance. Prisoners and detainees had reasonable access to visitors, although this access reportedly was limited in some cases.

International and local NGOs reported that in some cases, prisoners did not have ready access to clean drinking water. The government actively monitors prison and detention Utaar conditions. Authorities permitted prisoners and prostitution spanien to submit complaints to judicial authorities without censorship and to request investigation of credible allegation of inhumane conditions.